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Advance Fee Agreements

Note: Even if you do what many brokers do that offer “100% refund guarantee,” it is still a prepayment and the ERD reserves the right to conduct a review of your business and discipline violations of the advance rule. The advance agreement to be approved by the Commissioner and all documents to be used with the agreement will be: APPROVED ADVANCE FEE AGREEMENT: Attention California Real Estate Brokers. Do you accept a prepayment from your customer when you offer your credit change services? If so, don`t make a mistake, you need a pre-pricing agreement approved by the California Department of Real Estate Commissioner. This means that you must receive a letter of objection. I would like to give some advice and advice to the do-it-yourselfer who wants to get his agreement approved in advance for use by the DRE. I myself have tabled more than a dozen of them and I have received a lot of comments from DRE representatives. These are just some of the secret advance tips that I`ll share with you. There is also a free version of the pre-sale agreement on the DRE website. Many of my clients prefer to have designed a custom agreement, but at no cost to contact us to discuss your needs. Since it`s on the eve of the holidays and most people are too lazy to click on this link to learn more about the audited accounting process and the prepayment agreement procedure, I`ll provide you with the current text of the California Business – Professions Code Section 10146 in principle, describing the agreement in advance of how your credit broker will operate and how the fees will be paid. DRE Commissioner. You will tell them what services you have provided, what you charge to participate in particlular services and when you commit to them. You also need to create a trust account and understand the audited accounting information on the California Business and Professions code.

Also make sure you have the right consumer liability exclusions and disclosures and you are set. If you can handle this, you don`t need me.


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