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Collective Agreement Malaysia 2018

After nearly a year of marathon negotiations, NUTEAIW successfully negotiated an 8.5 percent pay increase for 950 union members. The collective agreement also includes other benefits such as meal allowance for overtime, canteen allowance and medical benefits for workers and direct family members. “This is an important moment because it marks the tenth collective agreement over a 30-year period. However, we are seeing increasing inequality over the same period and the share of the labour force in income per GDP remains low (35.2%). That`s why business wealth should be shared with workers,” June 3, 2019In April 30, 2019, the National Union of Transport Equipment – Allied Industries Workers (NUTEAIW) signed the tenth collective agreement with Denso Malaysia, Malaysia`s largest automotive component manufacturer with 1,365 employees. In the last fiscal year, the Denso Group generated revenues of $48.3 billion and a profit of $2.8 billion worldwide. Total revenue in Asia increased 7.1 percent to $12.8 billion, while operating income decreased 6.1 percent to $1.157 million. Denso Malaysia chief executive Tomoya Nakamura said he was committed to improving worker welfare and sustainable development goals, although the company faces a number of challenges as the business environment becomes highly competitive and rigorous. Gopal added that Malaysian trade unions would reform labour laws. One proposal was to reduce working hours to ensure the physical and mental health of workers. He called on employers to create a supportive work environment with reduced hours.


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