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Tris Violate An Agreement

c. General syndication. TurboSquid may, at its sole discretion, enter into agreements with other companies to increase the purchase of Stock Media products. Some companies may charge a portion of the price of the product in the form of a commission and may set price levels at rates as negotiated with TurboSquid. To make reading this chord simpler and less repetitive, the following constructions are used: 6th library. TurboSquid can provide shader and texture materials (“library materials”) and complete 3D models (“library objects”) for creating user-created content. TurboSquid grants you a limited license to manufacture new Stock Media products by creating works derived from Stock Media products that substantially combine, modify and modify library documents and library objects. You may only grant these Stock Media Derivatives products on the website and/or on TurboSquid, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and not on any other platform. This agreement should be easy to understand and provide you with clarification of the requirements and obligations to publish user-provided content on the website, as well as the rights you authorize to provide TurboSquid with Stock Media products (“customers”) for use in the work they have created (“Creations”).

3. Re-grant a license to the customer after the license transfer. In order to process additional purchases of a Stock Media product to a previous customer, which is no longer available on the website if the following conditions are met: (a) there was an earlier purchase of the Stock Media product to the customer; (b) the customer does not need digital files, but only an additional license; (c) the customer transferred the original license to another party (for example. B a customer`s customer) and the customer needs another license for the Stock Media product in order to comply with the law; and (d) the Stock Media product is not software sold under a Premium Client License. In such a case (a “re-license” each), the purchase will be made under the same licensing conditions and the price of the product as at the time of the last purchase of the Stock Media product by the customer. TurboSquid will notify you of such a re-licence and waive the commissions paid to TurboSquid, while re- termating the amounts that are otherwise required for taxes and other similar obligations. This right survives the termination of this contract and, in the event of a new licence after the termination of this contract, TurboSquid will make economically reasonable efforts to inform you of the resilience and facilitate your payment with the amount of the license to which you were entitled at the time of termination. Subject to the exception in this section, TurboSquid`s right to license such a Stock Media product expires if you remove a Stock Media product from the site. Because she violated the terms of the agreement, Tris is escorted into the conflict zone. Amity`s men make tea and start discussing what happened to him. When she prepares, she injects him with a syringe of something that makes her calm and euphoric. Suddenly she floats in the air, and all she wants is to find Tobias.

When she goes into the orchard and finds him, he asks her what they did to her. He takes her to Johanna to find out, and she admits that they had to give her too much rehabilitation. “product price,” the price of a Stock Media product as displayed in the website`s product management interface or on another website or agreement according to Le turboSquid. In some cases, it may be a subscription, a mass rate or other syndication award for the Stock Media product on the website or on authorized third-party websites. b. Premium Custom License: To negotiate an individual agreement and licensing in Stock Media products for qualified Premium Custom licensees who require individual agreements, purchase procedures or compensations and special guarantees. TurboSquid transfers the amount of the license for the purchase of a Stock Media product under this license and implies economically reasonable efforts to maintain the terms of the free-to-air license and the 3D model license in such negotiations.


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