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Florida Lychees, Spring 2016

We wish all our clients of the St. Martin Plantation a Happy Easter Celebration 2016

The new crop shows to be very promising and me hope to be able to offer our St. Martin lychees to a better price than in previous year. Please keep in mind that the Haak Yip variety is the best of all lychees world wide and our lychees on St. Martin Plantation are grown organic with no trace of contamination, shipped air freight only for next day delivery. They are a true “Fresh From Florida” product.

Our project, “Florida Lychee Expo – Production Group” will secure a brilliant future for the lychee growers in our Florida state and our goal is to have Florida as a lychee state recognized worldwide for its pure and uncontested supreme quality product.



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    This is a wonderful cluster of flowers, of great promise.

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