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Dried Fruit

The dried fruit enthusiasts know that the best dried figs and apricots come from Turkey. For this reason, our dried fruit collection originates on the Aegean coast of Turkey and is a testimony to the exclusive flavor and taste experienced with every bite of these nectar sweet and absolute naturally preserved fruits.

We offer a large variety of package sizes and configurations.

Our deliveries to your clients will be shipped directly from the main factories providing the shortest delivery time and prompt response to your schedule.

The quality of the fresh fruit prior to drying is the key to the dry preservation and you receive the highest possible quality in the industry.

Dried figs configuration is 2.5kg – 10kg cartons while the dried apricots come in 12.5 kg boxes.

Also bulk packaging is available.

Our apricot kernels, almonds, sultana raisins and hazelnuts are also part of our collection.

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