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Florida fresh vegetables

Grown here in South Florida our pallet of fresh vegetables includes eggplants, bell peppers and cucumbers.

When in season, our vegetables are collected and shipped on the same day to you via reefer container.

The exclusive Florida growing conditions explain the ultimate quality of our veggies.

Fancy Eggplant – with count of 18-22 per box are shipped in 24 lb boxes, 60 boxes per pallet. Season is November to April.

Green Bell Peppers- available in sizes of medium, large, extra large and jumbo are placed in 23 lb boxes, 70 per pallet and are available between November and April.

Cucumber – super select –season is November to December and March through April in count of 70-75 per box of 50 lbs. They are placed in 20 pallets per 40’ reefer container.

Please direct your inquiries to info@Arvila.US


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