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Grown on our own plantation in Southern Florida, the Haak Yip variety is the largest and best of all lychees. Our Florida climate offers the ultimate conditions for the best fruit. We also export Brewster variety and have growers in other regions of Central America. Our lychee season is May to June and can be extended through the summer depending on the variety. Our Florida and Central American lychees are coming on the market in a time when the traditional lychee regions of the southern hemisphere are not in season so you will be able to offer this magnificent fruit to your EU customers also in summertime. Lychees are typically transported air freight with 5kg boxes in skid configuration of 96 boxes per skid. Pre-order is required for the next season. Please direct your inquiries to info@Arvila.US

The following pictures of our grove in South Florida were taken mid March.

The blooming of the lychee trees shows great promise for a fantastic crop in 2016.

The Haak Yip, of which our St. Martin lychees are, show a habit of doubling its crop at periodically intervals. This year, the signs are all indicative of a high peak.


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