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Sweet Potatoes

The new ‘hot’ produce in the EU supermarkets – the American sweet potato – represents a high lucrative commodity for the EU trade.

Our Covington and Beauregard varieties are high orange in color – skin and flesh with real sweet taste and delicate consistency.

Our growers deliver the best A1 export quality packed in typical 6kg or 18kg Euro boxes. There are 3000 boxes per reefer container of 6kg size and 1280 boxes of the 18kg size.

For regular customers we ship year round to all major EU ports – Rotterdam, Hamburg, Genoa and others.

Our hub location in Rotterdam can accommodate smaller orders such as partial containers or just pallets – there are 150 / 64 boxes per pallet.

If your customer wants the best . . . your choice is our American sweet potato . . . delicious flavor, highly nutritious and with enormous market potential.

We also provide EU grown sweet potatoes of superior quality.

Please direct your inquiries to info@Arvila.US


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