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Track Access Agreement Schedule 4

We do not approve of these consolidated agreements, they are provided by Network Rail for reference purposes, only to provide an overview of the current contractual terms. We ensure that passenger and freight railways have equitable access to the rail network and that capacity is used optimally. Seeking notices on timetables 8 and 4 of the rail access contract, which relate to access to the rail network and compensation for train operators. You will find models for the agreement between Network Rail and the railway companies on the ORR website: if a rail operator wants access to the national rail network, it needs a track access contract with Network Rail. This page shows what you need to know. If you have any questions, please contact us. On December 15, 2016, ORR published the results of this consultation, a new consultation that outlines the proposed changes to schedules 8 and 4 of the rail access contract. The Calendar 4 system compensates operators for the financial impact of the planned assets – where they cannot access the network due to Network Rail`s engineering work. A consolidated (or compliant) agreement is a document containing all approved amendments to the existing approved agreement. Schedule 8 regulations compensate train operators for unforeseen disruption caused by Network Rail and other train operators. This section contains links to current decisions regarding access to the track and links.

These include new contracts and changes to current contracts. See access decisions to the track. Roadmap 4 pays train operators the financial consequences of planned service disruptions, which allow operators to access the network in a limited way, primarily as a result of our technical work. Payments are calculated to account for the loss of revenue from reduced ticket sales and the costs incurred by train operators, for example. B for the operation of replacement buses. This guide outlines our approach to regulating rail access. Redacted-compliant copy from June 30, 2020 until the 135th endorsement Payments are made to rail operators at the end of each four-week period. These payments are normally determined automatically on the basis of formulas in each operator`s track access contracts with Network Rail. Custom payments can be made for large possessions to cover additional costs, such as additional train planning or driver/line route training resources, which mitigate the impact on passengers of an extended property by redirecting transportation services to new lines. The Rail and Highway Board (ORR) is preparing the revision of schedules 8 and 4 of the rail access contract. These relate to “performance” and “possession” schemes that compensate train operators for specific problems related to access to the rail network.

The benefits regime applies to all freight and passenger carriers (although the freight service regime operates slightly differently from the passenger train regime, as noted above).


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